A New Equation for God

What this is not

There are various equations and proofs by mathematicians asserting their particular finding is proof of the existence of God. Two of such which are fairly popular are Godel’s proof and Euler’s formula (e^(pi*i)+1=0).

Both are great discoveries and have lended their share of contributions to science, religion and mathematics, but yet they still fail to serve as complete proof of the existence of God and have both been refuted as such.

My small post here is simply the presentation of a hypothesis. I do not assume to stand on equal ground as the mathematicians who have derived the formulas mentioned above, but I find myself pondering on something I believe to be the precipice for a great future discovery.

Who is HE

Many religious works, both Judeo-Christian and otherwise have attempted to humanize deities in (what I believe is) an anthropomorphic attempt to rationalize our existence.

However, Einstein and many other deists (incl. pandeists, etc) try to reason that God is a force. Modern culture has even attempted to identify this concept using much imagination and creativity.

I also believe God is a force, however, I am surprised to have difficulty finding much literature or information suggesting the connection between this Great Force and our consciousness as a force.

Forces at work

There is literature and research suggesting our “consciousness is an active force that we exert upon the universe”. It is met with some speculation from the scientific community; but the field of nueroscience as a whole contains many uncertainties, so as a theoretical possibility, in my opinion, it is sound.

If we can define ourselves – our consciousness – as a force, this may help us to understand how the Supreme Architect is similar to us; and serve to define both of our shared existences in terms that can prove the existence of one another in the same manner as systems of equations.

Preternatural Forces

Force – any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, either concerning its movement, direction, or geometrical construction.

A force may be exerted by either a living or “inanimate” object. For many years, humans have exerted forces and hardly understood the forces exerted by the “inanimate” around them. Wind moves around us, powered by the unseen magnetic force of the Earth, and objects are compelled to the ground by yet another unseen force of gravity.

If it is possible that every human can simultaneously feel the effects of gravity and that such a force can exist, then it leads one to wonder what other unknown forces exert their energy on the entirety of the universe? Cosmic background radiation is further proof of the existence of such forces.

If such forces exist, and God is a force, then an equation for God would be an equation for such a force. This may be indefinitely outside of our comprehension, but my instincts tell me a piece of this equation is right in front of us – it is our mind.


How is it that two people who do not know each other can form the same idea, sometimes exactly the same, even when separated by great distances? This phenomenon (the name of which evades me at the moment) cannot be easily explained.

One may consider that people contain similar priori knowledge based on events they have experienced, but in many cases throughout history, this explanation is lacking. Where does the first idea come from? How can separate disparate persons stumble upon these “first ideas”?

Knowledge and Forms

My epistemology (the study of knowledge and its source) is highly influenced by platonism. In accordance with this, I believe that we can conceive of ideas such as absolute truth or goodness, but can never fully achieve these “forms”. Our lives are an endless series of attempts to reach the pinnacle of these “perfect forms“, but we always fall short. Many (most) religions are focused either directly or indirectly on this same goal.

What drives us to these forms? Do we truly have full control over our stream of consciousness or are our thoughts moving forward driven by forces towards goals that feed our relentless discontent? (i.e. economic problem, human condition).

Brain Activity

The electrons in your brain are constantly in motion, a process we are increasingly attempting to understand as our technology improves. However, this biomechanical process is unlike any other organic process on Earth. Once the process kickstarts, it cannot be stopped and restarted, as medicine understands very well that brain death is irreversible.

Thus, the electrical activity in your brain is the result of various one-way force(s) at the least, the same force(s) shared between all of us. To understand why you share the same thoughts as someone thousands of miles away from you is to recognize that the force that drives these electrical signals compels us all.

Good and Evil

Why do some mental electrical patterns go bad? What shared forces do these individuals share that have driven them towards similar ends. Psychology tells us certain events are shared between many of these individuals, but what about the exceptions? Is it simply probabilistic?

For many centuries, even in modern day, the belief in demons and angels was undoubtedly attributed to personified beings. These creatures represented absolute good and absolute evil, once again reminding me of plato’s perfect forms. My contention to this ancient belief, is that these absolute forces exist within each of us, and move between the mental projections of our self (dualism).

By simply believing or not believing in these forces, we contrive to a doctrine. As there is no middle choice, it is not possible for the absolute existence of either good or evil to be false. Even atheists and agnostics are subscribers to beliefs, and in sharing those beliefs are affected by their shared force, which may continue to flow through other minds.

One might contest that these thoughts travel through the senses and cannot flow to a mind that is sheltered from its influence, but if this were the case, then the first idea could never occur. If the force were self-contained, then independent discovery by unconnected persons of similar and sometimes exact ideas with varying backgrounds and experiences would not be possible.

If this is true, then the force was there before the mind; it is immortal and impersonal. To define the equation of this force that represents the perfect forms we are all attempting to achieve, is to prove the existence of God. To communicate with this force, and attempt to reach it, is the chase of Nirvana and the expulsion of temptations and evil introduced by the flaws in our own design.

We are each at war within ourselves. This conflict is the realization of these forces, and by extension the realization of the existence of the Supreme Architect. He is a force within each of us, like a small light, and through this demonstration He has connected us to Him. To give in to contesting forces is the suicide of ideals. You willingly are free choose to believe in the existence and source of these absolutes. I can only imagine the alternative to be a grim silent implosion of your own mind.. into a void of darkness.




















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