Patterns of Violence

At this point in time, Federal Agencies may be compiling police reports filed across the country where officers were reported to have used excessive force or racially motivated wrongful actions. The file will come in handy if the revenge of Dorner spawns copycats.

The psychology of Dorner is not complex. After some research into his history, and reading his “manifesto”, it seems to me that he was an implosive personality and years of anger boiled deep within him before he finally exploded.

Dorner made his attempts to become a whistleblower and lost his cases, multiple times. Subsequent media frenzy and renewed interest in his case may eventually prove he was victimized but he’s already crossed the line with his actions so it doesn’t matter anymore.

One of the aspects of these recent events around Dorner that concerns me is how many other racial and vengeful motivated acts may be committed over time brought on by similar conditions.

Many people may see this as a police officer gone rogue, but they will fail to see a pattern of violence which may be dangerously increasing until it is too late.

Once again, the perception of these events creates the reality, and the probability of civil unrest only increases.

You must ask yourself, is perception reality?