Why Are You Here

The purpose of this site is to promote the discovery of the meaning of life. This includes support of the “HumanPurposeMachine” project – a scientific hypothesis on the ultimate meaning of life.

A logician may argue that suggesting life has purpose is begging the question; the question presupposes that life has a purpose. However, consider that to empirically explore the possibility of a purpose, you must first assume a position on the subject of what it may be, then study and entertain clues that could support or refute this position.

If multiple positions are taken in this manner, and continually disproved, one might assume the overall premise and a priori idea to be false.. But to let this discourage you from seeking to further eliminate all conceivable possibilities would be to deny the fortitude that has led to some of mankind’s greatest discoveries..

Examples of this fortitude are easily found throughout history. To first discover how to fly, the Wright Brothers needed to believe that mechanical flight was possible. From this belief, analysis was then drawn to discover how this may be achieved. Only after multiple failures was success ultimately achieved.

I have endeavored upon a task that will surely gain criticism and attention over time. This is important; without it, the idea could not grow.

Most people I have encountered avoid a direct answer to the question. Through religion, and sometimes science, they make attempts with answers that are usually very broad and unspecific or unverifiable. This project attempts to correct this problem by providing an answer through concerted efforts that satisfies the question concisely and fundamentally.

The conclusion my hypothesis has led me to on the ultimate purpose in life may be proven incorrect, in which case the existential impact is insignificant. However, the risk is low, and the reward is high. If individual interests over time can be proven as a whole to be ultimately convergent unto a single purpose, then this proof could be a great benefit to mankind.

Approval, denial, discussion or debate on these claims is always welcome. I have tried to make this site in a way that is not linear, as the acquisition of knowledge is sometimes chaotic and relatively unpredictable. Nonetheless, if you have not yet read it, please continue on to my hypothesis – Why are we here? What is the meaning of life?

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