The goal of this project is discussed in a more “non-technical”/philosophical fashion on the page titled “Why Are You Here”. “Why Are You Here” also goes further in depth into the philosophies behind the project, so I have decided for organizational purposes to separate the more “technical” details and general nature of the project into this page below.

Machine – a tool that consists of one or more parts, and uses energy to meet a particular goal. (Wikipedia)

The goal of this website is to develop or promote the development of a machine, in it’s classical definition above, with a specific task in mind. Whether the machine is completely software, digital, electrical, mechanical, bio-mechanical, biological or any combination of these is irrelevant.

This machine might therefore be better understood as an implementation of a theoretical series of processes and/or logical operations designed to achieve this task.

The task itself is as the name implies, to find the purpose of human life.

Yes that’s right, you read correctly.. no that is not a typo.. I believe it is possible to build a machine to find the purpose of human life. You are welcome to have an opinion at this point on my sanity.. however.. I encourage you, especially if you are intrigued, please read on.

Current Progress

The first step in this project is to prove the hypothesis that “All things that exist have a purpose”, whether it be short lived or long term. If all things that exist have a purpose, then human life must have purpose. The interpretation of this at a macro or micro scale after proving that point is then subjective and ideal for experimentation. If human life purposes over time converge at a macro scale, then I believe a machine can be devised to discover and identify these patterns. (WIP: http://code.google.com/p/humanpurposemachine/)

I do not assume that this purpose is singular or scalar, that would be naive; although in a broader context it may be. I imagine the purpose is ever-changing and based on a variety of dynamic input variables over time. The “purpose” at any given point in time is therefore in and of itself a dynamic value with respect to time, and at a granular level possibly comprised of multiple purposes.

The machine would therefore ultimately be less of an oracle as it would be of a guiding hand. Much like a CEO or President is elected to lead an organization or a country, the machine would be our elective to assist us in coming to objective agreements all-throughout as a group for future decisions that can benefit all of mankind.

Is Peace on Earth possible?

(Our policy on donations is currently non-denominational)



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