This might surprise you, but this project does not accept traditional monetary donations, at least at this current point in time.

There are no technical or otherwise organizational limitations, it is simply my current view that information is much more valuable to this project than raw dollars, and while money can buy many things, creative research is often a product of independent drive and motivation rather than funded; I am of the philosophy that inspiration cannot simply “be bought”.

On that note, as time itself may be considered a valuable commodity, this project may accept Bitcoin donations in the future, as bitcoins seem to me to be more representative of a pure unit of valued time. (Edit: This too may change as BTC value is traded and subject to speculation as well as inflated by hedging).

The BTC donation feature is currently not yet in place pending ongoing legislation regarding the currency in the U.S. where I am currently based out of. Subject to the conclusion of this legal deliberation, I will either re-base the project outside of the U.S. or consider implementing compliance policies necessary for BTC acceptance (if ruling is in favor of BTC).

In the meantime, if you have any information to donate (‘InfoCoins’), please start a debate, comment or email. Any information that furthers the accumulation of useful knowledge is always appreciated. 🙂

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